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Inefficiencies in Initialisms

It's a shame (but no surprise) that English speakers in the United States can't arrive at some concurrence on a better way to verbalize "www" than by speaking out each letter. I am personally a fan of "tri-dub" or "three dub" or "triple w", or even something more daringly imaginative, like "prefix web". Perhaps I'll just pick one and start using it… and maybe, just maybe, people will come around.
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Pronunciation of "www"

www is an initialism for World Wide Web, most often styled in lowercase because it appears as the first component of domain names. In English, WWW is actually the longest possible three-letter acronym to spell out, requiring nine syllables, whereas the twelve letters in "World Wide Web" are pronounced with only three syllables. The late Douglas Adams once quipped:

The World Wide Web is the only thing I know of whose shortened form takes three times longer to say than what it's short for.

Douglas Adams, The Independent on Sunday, 1999

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