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The Inspired Lines

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The rotation of cryptic phrases that used to appear in the banner (they'll be back soon!) are borrowed from a variety of sources. Most of them are swatches of song lyrics, representing particularly meaningful or poetic moments of each song. Ripped from their context, they often lose much of their power; and for this reason (and because giving credit seems the proper thing to do) I am listing each one below, along with its source and surrounding text.


Gold mine trash seeks brave dark warrior
From the song 'Penelope Tree' by Felt

It's because of our plans, man
Words that no one ever said

From the song 'Built then Burnt (Hurrah! Hurrah!)' by A Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band

I count your fingers…you still have ten
From the song 'I Will Drive Slowly' by Lambchop

Not as good as this invisible tattoo
From the song 'Hickey' by Lambchop

A portfolio pregnant with gains
From the song 'Moving the Goalposts' by Billy Bragg

In the corners of front yards
From the song 'Guest Room' by The National

Sixteen paces from the edge of the sea
From the song 'X Doesn't Always Mark the Spot' by American Watercolor Movement

Behind the cricket pavilion and the bicycle shed
From the song 'Can You Forgive Her?' by Pet Shop Boys

The sky stained poo drab as the dad drives
From the song 'In the Union of Wine' by The Hidden Cameras

Like ripples on a blank shore
From the song 'Reckoner' by Radiohead

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